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Construction monastic Table & Furniture Imathia

Monastery Tables {expo}

We manufacture monastic tables impeccable aesthetics and unsurpassed quality. Using old wood ...


Seats {expo}

Κατασκευάζουμε από την καλύτερη ποιότητα ξύλου, καρέκλες, σκαμπό, παγκάκια και πάγκους για οικ...


Table Coffee {expoUrl}

You offer coffee tables according to your aesthetic and functional requirements. Acquire ...


Metal tables {expo}

The tables we produce can give your room a special and unique style. The quality ...


Furniture Solid {expo}

Using the best materials, we can manufacture furniture that you need for each room ...


Miscellaneous Construction {expo}

We can bring out any construction with our wood prompted ...


Massif bedrooms {expo}

Our company which is based on October 28 in Alexandria in the prefecture of Imathia, thanks to its long history in the field, creates and offers you unique pieces in solid bedrooms of exceptional quality...

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Bros Kitsa The 5 Brothers
Monastery Tables, Metal Tables & Imathia Imathia
Our company "Kitsa Brothers 5 Brothers", based in Alexandria, in the prefecture of Imathia, is a family business that has been active since 1982 in the manufacture of furniture and in particular in the construction of traditional monasteries, keeping the family tradition in this profession , for several generations.

In our workshop with love, taste, great imagination, and using old oak, chestnut, walnut or wood of your choice, we build monastic tables, chairs, benches and coffee tables in keeping with traditional art. Still, we manufacture furniture from solid and metal tables.